wasabipesto (he/him)

I'm wasabipesto and also an engineer and also a human person.

I work in building construction as a controls engineer and project manager. I'm interested in thermodynamics, air quality, and building comfort in commercial and industrial settings.

I fiddle with computers, like the one serving you this webpage. I usually build things in python or rust and deploy them in docker. I believe in simplicity, and I believe in interpreting that term liberally.

I run a few tabletop games for my friends and family. I enjoy systems focusing on collaborative worldbuilding, genre-bending narratives, and interesting characters.

I believe in quantifying things when it's possible and helpful. I believe in trying and failing and learning.


Scoring prediction markets: calibration.city

Calculating square-cube pandigitals: nicenumbers.net

A reasonably-fast, reasonably-simple meme generation tool: meme.limo

Reclaiming my personal data: github/sandiego

Declaratively running services in docker: github/valinor

Generating this site: github/zola-sites

Offloading my brain into notion: wasabipesto.com/notion

Predicting on Manifold: manifold.markets/wasabipesto



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